1. hello hallow hello martyrs

    today is the day we head to the bones and the clones and the clashes in the chests. today is the day we look the adults in the eyes and say we want to fight for ourselves so stop putting us in shelters we would rather be blind than be surrounded by four walls. today is the day we shove that last hot dog down our throats and enjoy the luxury of bad food paining our stomachs. today is the day the television will only have one channel showcasing the faces of your mothers and fathers before and after they know what you’re going for. turn off the television. don’t watch it. focus on the goal. focus on the goal. pretend like you know what the goal is.

    good luck martyrs good luck


  2. happy earthday to you

  3. this could be anywhere but it’s my sweet sweet Rio at 5am

  4. alone on stage

  5. if by the end of the week any of my nails survive i will have triumph

  6. robert oppenheimer by richard avedon

    shit. he’s one of the masterminds behind the manhattan project.

  7. Do u c it that’s me in the tree

  8. if filth was a person it’d be me


  9. poem

    i have eaten more nutella in the past two days than i have ever in my life
    my stomach is starting to react
    erica i will pay you back



    • what the next few days will look
    • summer is coming soon
    • bea uti ful photography
    • boston marathon 
    • i still remember what it was like last year
    • kingpin
    • ther r so mny gr8 ppl arnd

    solution: i will have every meal as breakfast