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~spent a week in a lusty library~

flash patrol, me, & the image

flash patrol, me, & the image

this a good summer

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The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides


it was the aftermath and we were recounting the good parts. i told you about the time when your eyes did the thing while you were playing the guitar and my heart did the thing when it goes too fast and the rest of me could not catch up. and you told me about looking through photos you took of me and i told you yes i risked missing the bus every morning just to find the perfect skirt and stockings to see you.

and it’s all about those long walks. the ones that made me disassemble. the ones when i showed you why i liked the city at night better and street lights casted long shadows behind me that made you think you’d caught up.

maybe this conversation was better over the phone, in the dark, because god knows what we would do in the silences between the memories of these good parts. this summer’s a fucking scam.

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    春光乍洩 (1997)

    dir. wong kar-wai

    男人與沙漠 - 成英姝



    - i love u

    - i love u


    - i love u

    - it’s hard to believe the world is round, or the science of gravitational force exists when you sit on top of a hill, looking from the top of a hill, trying to define boundaries. it’s hard to believe in things you can’t see

    - that’s the most bull shit response i’ve ever heard


    in movies, foley means sound effects created through materials that are not the sources you see on screen. at times foley technicians use artificial materials to recreate the sounds of nature. it’s a more high-end type of translation, with “foreign language” in disguise as the alien material used. a bundle of beans falling onto a board creates the sound of rain, stabbing into a watermelon creates the sound of stabbing into flesh (which is what they used in Psycho if the source is accurate). so is there any sound out there that is “exclusive”? that only itself can make? for instance, is it possible to create the sound of wind without wind itself? or beyond that, the voice of the mother? do you hear the same thing when different people tell you the words of love? people use different voices when they talk to their parents than say, their dogs. what would i consider to be an exclusive sound, extracting the timbre of the voice itself? words that weigh more when certain people say them? the other night colin brought up the conversation i didn’t expect us to have until a few dates down. we are on the same page but it sounds different out of his mouth than in my own head. and it’s like little watermelons being destroyed in my chest the more i think about it even though it was exactly what i had expected. i guess the point is to come back to the source, to just look at and analyze what you see on screen.